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Foreign Patients

We have a team dedicated to assisting our patients so that they have a smooth and pleasant stay at Bedaya.

Our dedicated Department of Outpatient Services provides our patients and their families with the highest level of medical care. The Department of External Relations serves as a link between patients and doctors. They facilitate all the required processes for patients before patients arrive at the hospital as well as during their treatment in the hospital and after they depart our hospital until they arrive back home in their country.

What will happen during your visit? We have a comprehensive team that will help you at each stage of your visit with us at Bedaya

First Stage (Before You Arrive in Bedaya):

  • The External Relations Officer at Bedaya Hospital will contact you to determine when you would like to visit the hospital.
  • The External Relations Officer will clarify all financial information about the service being provided including cost of services and any other applicable fees.
  • The External Relations Officer will facilitate accommodation and travel arrangements with you, from your arrival to your departure.

Second Stage (During Your Stay at Bedaya):

  • The reception team at Bedaya Hospital will complete your check-in process and if it is required to undergo any operations, they will direct you to stay in required waiting areas.
  • The external relations team at Bedaya Hospital will provide translation services if required.
  • The Department of Medical Coordination will discuss with you, your list of required treatments and any recommendations or pertinent information as directed by your treating physician.
  • The medical team at Bedaya Hospital will decide on appropriate follow-up dates and inform you of them.
  • A special nurse will be available to you during your stay. This nurse will care for you under the supervision of our team of assistant doctors.
  • The financial department will answer all of your questions in regards to any financial aspect throughout your stay in the hospital.
  • The Customer Service Department responds to your call after 24 hours to clarify your inquiry.

Third stage (Your departure from Bedaya):

  • The External Relations Officer will prepare your final medical report and invoice and will handle any outstanding concerns prior to your departure.
  • The medical coordination team will explain to you all pertinent medication directions including the timing. dosage & methods of medication.
  • The External Relations Officer will ensure after you leave the hospital that your journey to the airport goes smoothly and that all aspects of your departure is taken care of.
  • The External Relations Officer will determine with you the dates of your follow-up visits.  

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