Hospital Departments

1- Medical Department

Our Medical department includes a variety of specialized clinics consisting of a consortium of teams with the highest level of competence, experience and training in all of the following specialties:

  • Obstetrics, gynaecology and infertility.
  • Andrology, infertility and erectile dysfunction.
  • Dermatology, reproductive health and laser treatments.
  • Nutrition and health coach.
  • Foetal Medicine.
  • Psychology and family health.

If you have any medical inquiries, or would like to make a reservations or clinic appointment please call us at (+2) 19483

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 2- Embryology Lab.

Our embryology unit alongside our medical team is the backbone of Bedaya Hospital. At Bedaya we invest a great deal of resources in recruiting the best staff members based on international standards. All of our staff members undergo continuous training, retraining, and research and participate in educational courses in order to make sure that our team is always up to date on current developments in the ever-changing Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) field.

At Bedaya Hospital we understand that to remain as leaders in our field and provide our patients with the best form of care we must invest in the latest, most advanced hi-tech equipment, incubators and microscopes that contribute to our growing success and high fertility rates.

Endoscopy Department

4- Nursing Department at Bedaya Hospital.

Bedaya hospital has a highly specialized nursing team whose main goal is to provide the best quality medical services and care.

Our nursing team participates in bi-annual training to make sure their skills and knowledge of medical advances are continually updated and reassessed. Our nursing team at Bedaya is regarded as one of the best in the Middle East.

3- Department of Endoscopy

Endoscopy at Bedaya is used to detect and treat ailments that cause delayed reproduction, for example, conditions such as adhesions, fibrosis, fibroids, polyps, endometriosis and the various other causes of delayed reproduction.

Bedaya’s endoscopy department sets itself apart from other institutions due to our highly specialized, well trained medical team, nursing team and state of the art equipment. Our doctors performing advanced surgeries with laparoscopies and endoscopies are the best of the Middle East and include some of the most extinguished names in the field.

5- Reception & Public Relations

The reception is the first impression patients receive when they visit Bedaya, and essentially is like the business card of any hospital. Therefore at Bedaya we spend a significant amount of time and effort into selecting presentable, eloquent and service-oriented staff members to our reception team who are more than capable to offer you the help you need. We understand that visiting the hospital is never a pleasant experience but at Bedaya we will always welcome you with a smile and make you feel as comfortable as possible.

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6- Customer Service

Our customer service team at Bedaya Hospital comprises of 10 highly trained staff members who are fully equipped to answer any inquiry you may have 24 hours a day.

For current patients of Bedaya or first time patients

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7- Medical Support Coordinators

One of the services that is most appreciated by our patients is our team of medical support coordinators. We have a team of approximately 20 medical coordinators whose main task is to coordinate the interaction between the patient and the treating physician. The medical support coordinator is considered the patient’s one-on-one counsellor at Bedaya Hospital.

The coordinator guides patients through the various steps of treatment, and the various protocols and procedures. If you have any questions regarding your medical care, all of your questions will be answered by your medical support coordinator after they consult with your treating physician. Medical support coordinators are also the patient’s reference point for questions regarding when and how to take their medication.

8- Infection Control Department

At Bedaya Hospital we consider safety to be of vital importance for both our staff and visitors and therefore we have a very stringent infection control department.

Led by Dr. Mohamed El Gohary who is a world-renowned consultant for infection control and quality management at the ministry of health, our department performs regular training for all of our staff on infection prevention and control. We perform regular audits to follow our staff members and their management of infection prevention and control.

9- Quality Control

At Bedaya it is of great importance to us to provide the highest level of service and care to our patients. Therefore, we take great value in our quality control and follow-up department. We are continuously looking to improve ourselves and seek to obtain international certificates for outstanding quality and control.

For complaints, suggestions or to contact the Quality Department

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10- Archiving Team

Over the past few years, the healthcare industry has been experiencing overwhelming growth and is struggling to contain the ever growing amount of information it receives, such as, lab results, emails, paper correspondence and both paper and electronic patient records.

Bedaya Hospital has a team of highly skilled staff members who are trained in dealing with this delicate information and structuring patients’ records in a manner that makes them easily accessible for the medical staff and at the same time maintains and respect the patients’ utmost privacy. Our records are kept indefinitely so that patients can always come back and locate their old records.