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Bedaya Hospital is where your family’s story begins. Our fully integrated, comprehensive fertility centre is located at 2 Ahmed El Melihi Street Dokki, Giza – Egypt.

Since 1998, Bedaya Hospital has been a pioneer in fertility treatments and genetics care helping thousands of eager parents achieve their family goals. Bedaya Hospital offers many fertility treatment options for couples trying to conceive all of our  fertility treatments are tailored to you, your needs and your goals.


We offer many Fertility Treatment options for couples trying to Conceive.

We work with you to ensure that the over Reproductive Care you receive is effective, personalized and Patient focus.

Success Rates

Reasons behind our Success Rates

Bedaya’s ultimate goal is to help couples achieve their dream of having children whether that be expanding their family or just starting their family. To achieve this goal, our highly skilled team is dedicated to constantly improving our knowledge through research and education and translating this knowledge into improving our treatment methods and techniques to our patients. Quality of services is of our upmost importance and we work diligently to keep our treatments advanced, safe and reliable.

Why choose Bedaya ?

Each patient at Bedaya is unique and we want each patient to feel like a VIP at our centre.

Our team at Bedaya not only comprises of talented fertility experts but we also have an in-house, reproductive team who are exclusively committed to providing our patients with genetic counselling, preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) counselling for genetic disease prevention, and prenatal screening. Your assigned reproductive specialist will make you feel comfortable at all times.  They are on hand to answer all of your questions and liaise with your doctors to make sure you have all the information you need to feel at ease and confident during your fertility journey.

Because we care! Our compassionate physicians and nurses are dedicated to providing you with the best, personalized care.
You can begin treatment immediately! Regardless of whether you need IUI, IVF, or PGD, your treatment can start whenever it is convenient for you.
Bedaya is the only major centre in the Middle East and North Africa that offers gender selection for Family Balancing. Speak to one of our specialists today about our Family Balancing options.

Our Team

Leaders in our field

Bedaya Hospital comprises of a consortium of highly qualified gynaecologists, andrologists and embryologists who were trained at the most reputable centres in the United Kingdom and the United States. Our team is dedicated to staying up to date with the most current research pertaining to fertility and fertility treatments. Our team frequently attends international conferences, monitors medical journals and attends courses in fertility management. Our team is committed to maintaining the highest standards at our centre with continuous research and development.

Bedaya Hospital has maintained its leading position as one of the top fertility centres in the MENA Region since 1984 and functions as a referral point for technical support for many other centres who value our help and advice.
Our commitment to constant research and development into the best therapies and insights into fertility management has awarded Bedaya as having one of the best fertilization, cleavage and pregnancy rates worldwide 56%

Our Team is Available to Answer All Questions.

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