Prof. Adham Zaazaa
Prof. Adham ZaazaaProfessor of Andrology

Prof. Adham Zaazaa

Professor of Andrology

Dr. Zaazaa is an expert in andrology and surgery on the male genitals. He is an expert in techniques such as varicose veins treatments using surgical microscopy, extraction of sperm from the tests using microscopic specimen collection, removal of male genital warts and implantation of penis support. 

Since graduating from the Faculty of Medicine at Cairo University in 2001 Dr. Zaazaa trained at the Universities of Oxford in both England and San Francisco and attended several training courses in Amsterdam and Milan.

Dr. Zaazaa also holds a doctorate in the field of male and female medicine from Cairo University, and is currently a consultant on infertility, erectile dysfunction and microscopy in the department of male and female medicine at Cairo University.

Since 2003, Dr. Zaazaa has been involved in the detection and treatment of more than 25,000 reproduction related cases and conducted more than 3,500 surgeries of the reproductive system. In addition, he has conducted more than 1500 microscopic injections on patients for their treatments. Due to his extensive experience Dr. Zaazaa is a renowned expert in microscopic surgery of the reproductive system such as varicose veins surgery and the implantation of hydraulic and elastic penile prostheses and difficult ICSI cases.


Education: Dr. Zaazaa obtained his Bachelor of Surgery and Internal Medicine at Cairo University and shortly afterwards obtained his Master of Andrology at the Faculty of Medicine at Cairo University. On 2001 he attained his medical degree in Andrology and Male surgery from the Faculty of Medicine at Cairo University.

Memberships: Dr. Zaazaa achieved a position on the European Board of Sexual Health from Amsterdam in 2011 and also attained a Fellowship from the Royal College of Surgeons of England. He is a member of many international scientific societies in the field of andrology, infertility and assisted reproduction including the European Society for Reproduction, Embryology and the American Society of Reproductive Medicine and the American Association of Genital Surgeons.

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