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Endometriosis treatment

Endometriosis treatment

Millions of women suffer, and little is known about them. endometriosis is a common condition that affects about 176 million women of reproductive age globally, Little number of women knows what it really is?


What is endometriosis ?

Endometriosis is a caused by the migration of the tissue lining the uterus outside the uterine cavity Hormonal changes that occur with the menstrual cycle affect the tissue of the endometrium migrating, causing inflammation and pain.

The tissue becomes trapped in the pelvic area and causes irritation, scars, adhesions, severe pain in the menstrual period and of course fertility problems,

This is usually the beginning of the disease, as many women and girls consider that those symptoms that are more severe at times of the menstrual cycle are normal and will disappear over time.


Endometriosis diagnosis

At first, the doctor should carefully examine and rule out the usual diseases, to know the patient history of the family, because as we mentioned earlier, the genetic factor plays an important role in this disease.

Through what is known as women's detection, the doctor can identify cysts and scars behind the uterus, confirming the presence of the disease.

The action of ultrasound can manifest the disease, it is through the abdomen or through the vagina.

The most accurate method that your doctor can use is a laparoscopic, and once diagnosed the surgeon can be ready to remove the harmful tissue at the same time.


Endometriosis causes

1-Retrograde menstruation, occurs when the blood of the menstrual cycle containing endometriosis cells flows through the fallopian tubes to the pelvic cavity instead of exiting it through the vagina as normal, resulting in endometrial cells sticking to the pelvic wall and pelvic organs, so that they grow thicker and continue bleeding during each menstrual cycle.

2- Some theories attribute his existence to genetic reasons.

3-The transformation of peritoneal cells

Experts suggest that hormones or immune factors promote the transformation of red blood cells cells that line the inner side of the abdomen into cells like endometrium cells.

4- Hormones, such as estrogen, which promote the transformation of peritoneal cells lining the inner side of the abdomen into cells resembling endometrium cells.

5-Transmission of endometriosis cells: Blood vessels transfer lymphatic tissue cells from the lining of the uterus to other parts of the body

6-Immune system disorder.

A problem with the immune system may result in the body's inability to recognize and destroy endometriosis that grows outside the uterus.


Endometriosis symptoms

There are symptoms that serve as a sign of the mirror's infection with the migratory endometriosis, and it is possible that the infected woman does not feel any of those symptoms

1 -Feeling pain during ovulation.

2 -Feeling severe pain and cramps during the menstrual cycle.

3 -Feeling pain during or after an intimacy.

4 -Bleeding during the menstrual cycle.

5 -Pain during urination during the menstrual period.

6 -Difficulty in performing bowel movement if the migrating uterine tissue lodges in the back wall of the vagina.

7 -Women may feel depressed, especially during the menstrual period due to hormone disorder.

8- A constant feeling of fatigue and stress.

9 -The feeling that the belly is swollen.

10 -Diarrhea may occur if the migrating uterine tissue is lodged in the intestines.

11 -Sometimes back pain occurs.

12 -Pregnancy delay or infertility may occur.


Endometriosis treatment

In some cases, the patient needs to take medication prescribed by the doctor such as analgesics and sedatives. But in other cases, doctors need to remove the endometriosis by surgical treatment.


• Pain killers

Simple cases require to take medications prescribed by the gynecologist such as analgesics and sedatives to relieve the pain that the woman feels, Especially during menstruation.


• Hormone therapy

hormone medications intended to stimulate the pituitary gland to release the hormones needed to stimulate the ovaries.


• Contraceptive

pills to control the hormones responsible for the accumulation of migratory uterine tissue.



Endoscopic surgery in which the effects of endometriosis is removed without damage to the genitals, and there are several ways to get rid of the disease such as burning, fumigation and laser, usually we use surgery if the treatment is not responsive or the woman doesn't wish to have children.


Hysterectomy surgery

Your doctor may recommend hysterectomy as a last resort if your condition does not improve with other treatments, during hysteroscopy, the doctor removes the uterus and cervix, and your doctor will also remove the ovaries because it produces estrogen that causes the growth of endometrial tissue.


Endometriosis treatment surgery

 In general, surgery is very useful for decreasing the symptoms caused by this disease.

especially with no response to drug therapy, or even in cases where drug therapy is not working

And there are cases where only surgical intervention can be achieved. The uterus and ovaries should be removed, laparoscopic surgery is usually through small openings.

We are Bedaya Hospital have an elite of specialists and doctors with experience and competence to solve such problems and diseases and we have the right devices and techniques for each patient to overcome this disease.


Endometriosis surgery risks

Infertility and delayed pregnancy are common complication of endometriosis and can cause suffering for many women, but it can often be avoided if a woman takes the necessary treatment early. In order for women to have a better quality of life and manage their pain, women must be able to better observe their symptoms for an early diagnosis. Therefore, we need to raise awareness of this disorder, which is not being discussed, as well as making discussions about "endometriosis treatment" normal something.