Welcome to Bedaya Hospital

Congratulations on taking the first stepping stone towards starting or expanding your family.

Our main goal is to provide you with the highest caliber fertility treatments. We work with you to ensure that the reproductive care you receive is effective and personalized.

Bedaya Hospital is where your family’s story begins. Our fully integrated, comprehensive fertility center is located at 2 Ahmed El Melihi Street Dokki, Giza – Egypt. Since 1998, the  fertility Hospital has been a pioneer in fertility treatments and genetics care helping thousands of eager parents achieve their family goals. We offer many fertility treatment options for couples trying to conceive all of our  fertility treatments are tailored to you, your needs and your goals.

Our Mission

Is to reach the best possible fertility outcome for every patient we serve, providing exceptional reproductive health care in a comfortable welcoming environment.


We have been an innovator in infertility treatment and genetics care and have helped thousands of patients worldwide realize their dream of starting a family.

Our Experts

Our Fertility experts will provide you with a clear diagnose and make up a detailed treatment plan to help you move towards your dream of becoming a Parent.

Our Facilities

Bedaya Hospital’s integrated fertility clinics have all the specializations you need under one roof. Our comprehensive clinic contains the following specialities: gynaecology and anthology departments, foetal medicine department, urogyneclogy department, erectile dysfunction department and extensive endoscopy department. All of our departments work together to provide you with the most advanced, most effective treatment options available.

Bedaya Hospital is renowned as having one of the best fertilization, cleavage and pregnancy rates worldwide making it undoubtedly your best decision towards fulfilling your family dream.

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Success Rates

Due to our outstanding IVF success rate Bedaya Hospital has set itself apart as one of the leading IVF centres in the Middle East and Africa. We pride ourselves on our compelling success rates which have been equal and above international average for almost 20 years   … read more

Emotional Aspects of Infertility

One of the most challenging aspects experienced by patients going through the process of infertility and it’s treatment process is dealing with the emotional ups and downs. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions and it is imperative that our patients learn to take care of themselves, minimize stress, to make sure they get the support they need so that they can manage their emotions and keep their self-esteem and outlook on the process as positive as possible. Bedaya Hospital has an outstanding team of psychologists, psychiatrists, and other specialists to guide you through this very emotional time.

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Foreign Patients

Not local to Bedaya Hospital? Don’t worry, you can still take advantage of Bedaya’s services remotely. To make sure our unique services reach everybody who requires our care we have a team that is dedicated helping foreign patients not located in the area. Our team will communicate with you by email, telephone and social media in order to set up a diagnostic and treatment plan that you can start at home. This exclusive option allows you to take advantage of our expert advice saving your time and expenses on travel and accommodation in our hospital.

Approaches & Process

With full supervision from our expert team

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Professor Ismail Aboul Foutouh

CEO & Founder

People are the heart and soul of our hospital. Our staff, physicians, scientists and administrators based in Cairo, strive every day to provide the best patient care and to discover innovative cures and treatments.

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Professor Sherif Khattab

Board Member

Our highly skilled team works diligently to stay on top of quality control. We make every effort to continually improve our knowledge base and methods.