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2023-03-03 Is prostate cancer curable?

Is Prostate cancer curable? This is the main question that preoccupies our patients and their families after being diagnosed. The answer isn

2023-03-03 Prostate Cancer: Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, and treatment

The prostate is a male gland has the size of a walnut and can be found between the bladder and penis. It produces a fluid that is important

2023-03-03 What is an Undescended testicle? and what is its treatment?

An undescended testicle (cryptorchid testes) is when the male testes has not descended into the scrotum from the abdominal cavity at birth a

2023-03-03 Prostatitis: symptoms, causes, and treatment

Prostatitis is common and means swelling and inflammation of the prostate gland. It is often painful but sometimes men suffering from prosta

2023-03-03 Varicocele treatment without surgery

Varicocele treatment without surgery are differ between cases of men and who of them need treatment without surgery, it’s difficult to

2023-03-03 Curvature of the penis

It is normal for a penis to have a slight bend while erect, if it is not painful and does hinder sexual activity, you do not need to visit a

2023-03-03 How to cure premature ejaculation ?

There are many reasons for Premature Ejaculation in men. Their causes vary from psychological depression, stress, age, genetic and physiolog

2023-03-03 Premature ejaculation problem

premature ejaculation is believed to be the most common sexual related concern or condition. Men are insecure about their sexual capabilitie

2023-03-03 Normal sperm motility to get pregnant

Sperm motility is important for fertility because sperm cells need to move through a woman's reproductive system to reach and fertilize

2023-03-03 Testosterone hormone function in men

Testosterone hormone plays a significant role in male reproductive health it promotes sexual motivation and raises the level of sexual perfo

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This case is related to man infertility in which the lack of sperm or the small amount of it can cause infertility and pregnancy delays. This kind of issue is treated by testicular biopsy technique which is very effective. The Libyan citizen Abd El-Qader struggled with such an issue, but he and his 37 years old wife Nageih never gave up and decided after 5 years of no pregnancy to go for ICSI procedure at Bedaya hospital which was very successful.