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Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) Levels

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Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) Levels
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Hormones consist of amines, proteins and peptides. Hormones are all signaling molecules that regulate many biological processes in the body. Sex hormones are hormones that

Sex hormones are hormones that induce the development of secondary sex characteristics and affect libido and desire in both men and women.


What is follicle stimulating hormone (FSH (?

Follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) is one of the hormones produced by the pituitary to ensure normal functioning of the gonads (sexual glands). The ovaries represent the main gonads in women. FSH is the hormone responsible for follicle growth and production in ovaries.


The role of FSH

FSH stimulates egg maturation in the ovaries, the hormone level is not constant during the menstrual cycle. It reaches its highest level before the egg is released. This is known as ovulation.

The dominant factor in the production of FSH is gonadotrophin releasing hormones produced in the hypothalamus which on its turn stimulates the pituitary to release FSH that causes estrogen levels to increase.


FSH test

FSH blood test shows the level of FSH in the blood or urine. FSH is usually not tested alone but in a set of tests called the hormone profile, since not FSH alone but a set of hormones co-coordinate the menstrual cycle and their levels together give a picture of its point and way of regulation. An elevated FSH test on its own can however sometimes give and indication on the ovarian reserve taken into consideration that FSH test ranges vary depending on gender, age and for women time in menstrual cycle.


Your doctor may request an FSH hormone test "FSH test" for short to investigate several medical problems such as;

  • Having difficulty conceiving. An FSH test is required for both the male and female partner to investigate the underlying cause. Usually the FSH test is run with a set of other hormone tests called the hormone profile
  • Absence or irregular menstrual cycle.
  • To determine if a woman is menopausal.
  • Male partner has a low sperm count
  • Reduced libido in men
  • Reduced muscle mass in men
  • fatigue
  • General weakness.
  • Weight loss.
  • Anorexia.
  • Suspected Pituitary disorders; a set of other hormone tests beside the FSH hormone test are run to confirm this
  • Delayed onset of puberty in both boys and girls


FSH levels tested on day 3 of menstrual cycle of woman

What is the benefit of doing a test to determine FSH levels in serum on day 3 of the menstrual cycle?

The female menstrual cycle begins at an average age of 12 years, but menstruation can begin as early as 9 years or as late as 16 years. The menstrual cycle duration ranges from 21 days to about 35 days, and the average is 28 days. It is worth noting that choosing the right time to take an FSH test is important, for several reasons;  

  • FSH levels vary throughout the menstrual cycle, doing the test on day 3 makes reading it easier because it is around the time that FSH levels are at its lowest to start rising daily until ovulation occurs. Its the basal starting point of FSH levels in the female body.


The FSH normal range

Normal ranges of FSH differ for both men and women according to age. In women differences in range also accur accordng to "time" in cycle.

Treatment Plans
Gender Selection Treatment Plan


  • Preparing before the process
  • Ovum pick-up
  • ICSI process
  • Preparing before the transferring process
  • Gender selection up to 8 embryos
  • Embryo transferring


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