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International Patients


international patients


We have an entire department for outpatient services which is clearly for our international patients or those who are staying outside Egypt. Once you contact this department, they will be the link between you and the doctors. They will inform you as well with all arrangements you should make before coming, during your stay, and after you depart the hospital. Don’t forget about our online consultation services in which you can contact our doctors anytime and anywhere, and get your medical instructions online.


What are the required processes before arriving at Bedaya hospital?

  • The external relations department will contact you to determine the first appointment. It is up to you to select the time according to your schedule.
  • Feel free to ask our representative any questions related to pricing, timing, application fees, the treatment processes, and anything else.
  • We will be responsible for your stay, and it is our pleasure to make all the arrangements for your accommodation from day one and until you depart.


What are the processes followed during your stay?

  • the receptionist of Bedaya hospital will complete your check-in process, and there will be a translator if required.
  • Now, it is time to discuss your required treatment by the medical coordination department, and see if this is the suitable treatment for you.
  • You will have a nurse for your medical care
  • Follow-up sessions with appropriate dates will be determined by our medical team.
  • All of your financial questions will be answered. We’ll inform you with pricing details during your stay in the hospital.


What are the arrangements Bedaya hospital will take before leaving?

  • We will prepare all of your medical reports and test results to be delivered to you before departing.
  • The clinical coordination group will inform you with follow-up sessions dates or if it is going to be online consultations, and explain to you all of the drug use instructions including the dosage, timings, and the way of use.
  • The External Relations Officer will guarantee after you leave the hospital that your excursion to the airport goes easily and that all parts of your takeoff are dealt with.