International Patients

International Patients



Bedaya Hospital for IVF and Infertility Treatment is proud to announce the launch of our online consultation service. Through this service, you can connect with one of our specialists via video conference, discuss your medical condition, and receive guidance on the appropriate treatment and necessary medication for your case. When treatment requires in-person visits for laboratory tests and necessary procedures such as assisted reproductive techniques, we will also accompany you throughout your treatment journey. 

Learn about the steps and stages you will go through as a traveling patient.

Before Arriving to Bedaya 

We will gladly assist you with all of your travel procedures to ensure you have a seamless travel experience. We can also arrange accommodation and transportation from the airport. 

Before traveling, you can contact the customer service team or the external relations team to book your first appointment with your doctor according to your arrival schedule. You can also inquire about the hospital’s specialties, the type of treatment you will receive, prices, discounts, and the tests required of prior to your arrival.

During your trip

Upon arrival you will head to the reception desk during your first visit to complete your patient file and register your data. Then you will meet the medical team for your medical consultation and to determine the appropriate treatment for you according to your condition. 

Our doctors are fluent in Arabic and English and will be happy to discuss your case in the language of choice. 

For other languages, a translator is available upon request. We have a dedicated nursing team to help you with all steps of your treatment. Prior to your departure we will schedule your follow-up visits according to the treatment protocol agreed between you and your doctor.

Before leaving the hospital

We will prepare all your medical reports and test results to be delivered to you before departing. Your personal medical coordinator will inform you of your follow-up session dates and explain to you all the prescribed drugs needed for your treatment including the dosage, timings, and how to administer the drugs. The External Relations Officer will handle all your arrangements from hospital departure to drop-off at the airport. 

Do not hesitate to contact us at any time for inquiries.