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How to cure premature ejaculation ?

Author : Doctor Ahmed Abu seif

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How to cure premature ejaculation ?
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There are many reasons for Premature Ejaculation in men. Their causes vary from psychological depression, stress, age, genetic and physiological aspects. Premature Ejaculation is a prominent factor for sexual dissatisfaction in couples putting stress on their relationship and affecting it negatively.


How to cure premature Ejaculation?

Bedaya Hospital reviewing some methods to help improving premature ejaculation.


Topical creams

Some topical creams reduce premature ejaculation by reducing the sensation. They contain some form of local anesthetic to delay ejaculation. Sexual health experts recommend applying such creams 10 to 15 minutes before sexual intercourse. Side effects are that their use may cause temporary loss of genital sensation and a decrease in libido.


2- Zinc as an important vitamin

Zinc helps treat premature ejaculation and strengthen the body's immunity, and is a key mineral that produces the male hormone testosterone, as well as increasing libido. A study confirmed that taking zinc supplements can increase testosterone production, increase libido, and contribute to premature ejaculation treatment.


3- Condoms

Condoms help reduce premature ejaculation. Sexual health experts recommend types of condoms that delay ejaculation and contribute to an increased pleasure experience. Ask your pharmacist about the different options when purchasing condoms.


4- Masturbation

Masturbation an hour or two before sexual intercourse may slow premature ejaculation and add to sexual pleasure.


5- Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is an important method of treatment for premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. Many doctors believe that psychological causes are the most common reason for premature ejaculation.

Anxiety and stress can lead to loss of self-confidence and lead to sexual problems.

Psychotherapy contributes significantly to the ability to control psychological problems, coping with reality, accept oneself, and significantly increase self-confidence.

Psychiatric treatment helps coping with feelings due to unhelpful attempts of sexual therapy.


Foods to cure premature ejaculation in men

There are some foods that help with symptoms of premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction, which some may consider the best treatment for premature ejaculation in men because of its simplicity, such as:



Carrots contain some chemicals that act as a powerful aphrodisiac, and contain antioxidants that improve neural response, thereby regulating sexual arousal during intercourse.



Bananas contain high quantities of potassium which are an important element for muscular functions that aid with controlling premature ejaculation.

Bananas also contain enzymes that contribute to increasing libido.



Contain large amounts of phosphorus that help prolong the sexual interaction and add to muscular firmness.



Spinach contains an abundant amount of iron, zinc and folic acid, it increases sexual and muscle strength, thus significantly affecting ejaculation.



Celery contains many volatile oils that help control semen ejection.



Garlic contains many volatile substances and oils that improve sexual abilities, it strengthens nerves and helps improve blood circulation.



Onions contain substances that improve symptoms of premature ejaculation; it increases testosterone in the body increasing sexual ability and sperm count. It also has positive effects on erection and semen ejection.



Ginger improves symptoms of premature ejaculation by increasing erectile strength which increases the duration of sexual relationships, and delays ejaculation, ginger also improves blood circulation in the body and improves blood flow.



Almonds contain a large amount of vitamin E that regulates hormones in the human body, including testosterone, thus improving sexual performance, erectile dysfunction and helps with premature ejaculation.



Cloves regulate the body's neurological response, increase testosterone in the body, and studies have shown that it delays ejaculation.



Cinnamon helps control hormone Imbalance and decrease symptoms of premature ejaculation.


Dark chocolate helps improve premature ejaculation:

Chocolate has a positive influence on general mood and releases improving circumstances for sexual intercourse and prolonging an erection.



Avocados contain many vitamins that help improve general and sexual health, including vitamin B, vitamin C and vitamin K.



Watermelon is not only a refreshing fruit, it helps to increase libido.

It also produces arginine, which is important for improving symptoms of Premature Ejaculation.


Exercises for premature ejaculation

The start and stop method, here sexual intercourse or penis stimulation happens as normal until the point where you feel you will ejaculate; you then stop for 30 seconds or until the ejaculation urge passes and you continue. Do this up to four times before allowing ejaculation.

Pelvic exercises are used to improve symptoms of premature ejaculation. They also contribute to prolonging sexual intercourse duration thus extending pleasure. Men who do pelvic exercises regularly complain less of premature ejaculation. Experts advice you to stand up and then tighten the pelvic muscles for 3 seconds, let them relax 3 seconds and repeat this sequence of exercises for at least 10 times at a time and then walk a little

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