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Infertility In Men

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Oct, 12 2023 Epididymovasostomy

Epididymovasostomy is a complex surgical procedure also known as Vasoepididymostomy and is done to r

Oct, 12 2023 Transurethral Resection Of The Ejaculatory Duct

Transurethral resection of the ejaculatory duct (TURED) is a very accurate surgery effective in trea

Oct, 12 2023 Semen Analysis

Semen is a thick liquid that comes from a man while ejaculating and holds the sperm that is supposed

Oct, 12 2023 Sperm Freezing

Sperm Cryopreservation or sperm freezing is a process that is done to analyze and then freeze and st

Oct, 12 2023 Sperm DNA Fragmentation Testing

Sperm DNA fragmentation is a term used for abnormal genetic material in the sperm cell. The genetic

Oct, 12 2023 Testicular Doppler Ultrasound

Ultrasound imaging uses high frequency soundwaves to make images of internal structures. Doppler use

Oct, 12 2023 Testicular Biopsy

A testicular biopsy is a procedure that is done when after medication and treatment the male sperm c

Oct, 12 2023 Varicocele

A varicocele is a common finding among men of all ages it affects 15% of men at some stage of their

Oct, 12 2023 Vasovasostomy

Contraception often falls on the shoulders of women. They take hormones that prevent them from ovula

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This triumphant story not only highlights the importance of striving and continuity, and medical advancements, but also celebrates the power of love, hope, and determination. Join us as we embark on this remarkable journey of a Libyan couple who kept trying to get pregnant through ICSI for six years and, finally were able to succeed in our hospital.