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Penis enlargement

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Penis enlargement
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Many men are convinced that they have a small penis, which affects their confidence and sexual performance. This misconception usually comes forth from social media and unrealistic pornographic material.

In many cases, the penis is of normal size and the problem lies rather in the form of psychological insecurities than physical deviation or abnormal size. If the penile size issue really causes the patient problems in relationships or with self-image enhancing the penis’s size might be an option worth considering.
What are the usual penis enlargement treatments offered by Bedaya Hospital? Bedaya Hospital has a team of surgeons that use several surgical techniques to enhance penile length and girth such as silicone implants, fat transfer, suspensory ligament division (release) and other augmentations.

Aesthetic surgeries for penis enlargement have become widely accepted and are currently treated the same way breast augmentation or minor corrective cosmetic surgeries are which isn’t always a positive thing.


Penis enlargement

In certain cases, a specialists or doctor will be of opinion that the male patient does not require a penis augmentation surgery for medical reasons but that it is more a matter of psychological discomfort with oneself or a solely aesthetic procedure.

Going through a penis enlargement process, men will probably increase their self-confidence, but their sexual performance might be compromised as a side effect, and penis enlargement cannot be compared with aesthetic breast and nose surgeries because the size of the penis is (unless the diagnosis micropenis made) not important if there are no problems with the levels of sex hormones in the blood or the ability to perform sexually.


Penis enlargement surgery

There are many medical operations and procedures that that help enhance the penis size, some of that are surgical and some are procedural using certain devices. Depending on your condition, your doctor will determine the appropriate penis enlargement surgery for you.



This treatment has the shortest recovery time. During this procedure in different settings using a local anesthetic, silicone is injected into the penis gradually in small amounts during each treatment session. The injected silicone stretches the skin slowly and builds a layer of silicon under the penile skin increasing the penis’s girth. It is worth noting that it is not possible to enlarge the glans penis so to maintain aesthetically acceptable proportions of the penis it is advised not to increase the girth of the penile shaft too much! The cost of this treatment may be somewhat high depending on the quality of the silicone used.


Fat transfer

Fat cells are suctioned through a mini-liposuction procedure from places where they are abundant, preferably the abdominal area. These fat cells are then put through an intricate filtration process to create nano fat that is then injected into the penis with a blunt canula. A downside to this procedure is that within 6 months to a year 50% of these fat cells will have been resorbed by the body and to maintain a required girth you either undergo this procedure frequently or inject more nano fat cells than needed to prolong the effect of a larger penis.


Liposuction surgery of the lower abdomen and pubic area

During this surgery, fat is suctioned in the area around the penis to give the illusion that the penis is larger.


Suspensory ligament division (release)

During this surgery the suspensory ligament that connects the penis to the pubic bone is severed to make the penis appear lager.


Hyaluronic acid injections

Hyaluronic acid injections can be given after applying a local anesthesia for Augmentation of penile girth. Hyaluronic acid is a filler widely used for cosmetic procedures because it is naturally absorbed in the body and has minimum side effects. Hyaluronic acid also attracts fluids naturally from surrounding tissues and is thus safe to use for penile girth augmentation and has the extra benefit it may improve symptoms of premature ejaculation as well.


Although society has started to widely accept all sorts of cosmetic procedures including those for penile girth or length augmentation it is best to seek some advice from a professional before undergoing such a procedure and outweigh the pros and cons of these procedures. Usually, the dissatisfaction with one’s own penis is misplaced and enhancing penis size might come with some unforeseen risks. Bedaya Hospital offers you professionals that will objectively listen and advice you on what the options are for your situation.

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