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Phalloplasty Operations

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Oct, 12 2023 Micropenis Treatment

Micropenis treatment is treating a condition usually diagnosed in newborns during the standard post-

Oct, 12 2023 Penis enlargement

Many men are convinced that they have a small penis, which affects their confidence and sexual perfo

Oct, 12 2023 Supra-Pubic Liposuction

Supra-Pubic liposuction is a cosmetic procedure for men where the suprapubic fat pad is removed. Thi

Oct, 12 2023 Testicular Implants

Testicular implants is one of the plastic surgeries performed at Bedaya Hospital by specialized

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Through this video, we aim to raise awareness about Sperm Malformation and inspire others who may be facing similar challenges. A wonderful, very patient Egyptian couple has come to us, after 17 years of trying to have children due to the husband's rare testicular defect. Our doctors were able to directly extract the sperms and use them successfully for ICSI. We believe that by sharing this story of a successful pregnancy after ICSI, we can provide solace, information, and encouragement to those in need. Let’s listen to Miss Noura and her inspiring journey.