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PRP Injection In The Penis

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PRP Injection In The Penis

PRP injection into the penis is a new technique that is considered a safe method for treating erectile dysfunction (ED). Platelet rich plasma is obtained by withdrawing blood from the patient and putting it in a centrifuge device so the different cell types are separated the plasma containing platelets is then injected into the penis. Platelets have a variety growth factors with regenerative and healing properties.

Bedaya hospital encourages using methods of regenerative medicine including PRP for being effective with minor side effects that are not dangerous.


PRP injection in the penis

Your blood contains

  • leucocytes (white blood cells),
  • Erythrocytes (red blood cells),
  • Thrombocytes (platelets which are colorless blood cells that make blood clot)
  • plasma (straw colored liquid that remains after all the above cellular components have been removed)

Platelets are necessary for the healing process of injured tissues. Platelets also contain some proteins called growth factors. Growth factor stimulates cell proliferation and wound healing.

That is why it could be beneficial to reinject one’s own platelet rich plasma in places where cell proliferation or healing is required.


PRP injection in the penis steps


How does PRP help erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is the inability of getting the penis hard or hard long enough for satisfactory sexual intercourse. Not being able to have an erection or having a weak one can lower your self-confidence and cause frustration in the relationship with your partner. Erectile dysfunction can sometimes be a symptom of other issues behind the scenes mental or physical.

Platelet-Rich Plasma can be used to improve Erectile Dysfunction due to restorative properties in the platelets that make blood vessels and penile tissues healthier. The growth factor in the plasma also allows a better blood flow in the vessels thus improving penile flood flow and the possibility of a healthy erection occurring. The plasma of the centrifuged blood sample contains a much higher concentration of platelets than in normal blood. The PRP is injected along the penile shaft on several spots. The procedure of blood withdrawal, preparing the blood sample and injecting it takes about an hour. No prior preparations need to be taken for the procedure.


Side effects of PRP injection in the penis

Platelet-Rich Plasma injection to the penis could show the following complications

  • Infection: This is a rare complication but always a possibility when doing any medical procedure where the skin is punctured. Bedaya Hospital takes infection control seriously making this complication occurring nearly impossible.
  • Nerve damage: While inserting the needle into the penis a nerve could be touched this can cause some numbness and pain but usually clears within days.
  • pain, including pain at the injection site.
  • Tissue damage.
  • Some light bruising.
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