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Varicocele treatment without surgery

Author : Doctor Ahmed Ragheb

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Varicocele treatment without surgery
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Varicocele treatment without surgery are differ between cases of men and who of them need treatment without surgery, it’s difficult to presage which of men will have fertility problems due to varicocele, but about 4 in 10 men tested for fertility problems have shown to have varicocele and low sperm motility.

Varicocele has signs appear through ultrasounds in a form of veins more than 3 mm wide with blood flow.

There are many treatment methods for varicocele, including varicocele treatment without surgery and   surgical treatment, non-scientific methods such as herbal therapy, etc.


Alternative treatment for varicocele

Medicine has a great evolved significantly in recent years and many surgeries have been replaced by other treatments like low-damage operations such as catheter operations and many interventional scans, there are many natural alternative treatments, and also there is a treatment for varicocele without surgery.


Varicocele treatment without surgery

Before we know the way to treat varicocele without surgery, first it is necessary to know what varicocele are, as it boils down to the expansion of the veins surrounding the man's sperm cord and responsible for transporting sperm inside the scrotum. According to the available information, the disease affects men on the left side of the scrotum more than the right side.

Choosing the best method of treating varicocele may be a problem for the patient so he should go back to the doctor to reveal his condition and choose the right treatment.

 In some case an interventional radiology catheter is used under local anesthesia by inserting a 2 mm micro catheter into one of the thigh veins to reach and accurately identify the enlarged varicocele under the direction of ultrasound or CT scans.


Varicocele natural treatment without surgery

Recently varicocele treatment without surgery is recommended by global health experts, following the increase in the number of surgical operations to treat this problem, which affects almost a large proportion of men worldwide, and these methods recommended by doctors, varicocele natural treatment by apple cider vinegar, and it is also possible by using honey, while it can be treated through natural herbs, which have recently multiplied.

Varicocele natural treatment is depending on a range of natural methods, including:


1- Eating food with fiber

Some studies have shown that a healthy fiber-rich diet, available in vegetables, fruits and whole grains, protect varicocele from diseases.


2-Comfortable clothes

One of treatment of varicocele without surgery is wearing comfortable clothes, men suffer from varicocele should stay away from tight clothing, leading to narrowing of blood vessels, reducing oxygen to flow blood to the testicles, and reducing sperm count and reduced ability and libido.


3-Drinking water

Water is a great treatment for varicocele patients, as it helps to stimulate blood circulation and purify the body of harmful toxins and minerals, men must keep the amount consumed daily of water to be not less than 8 cups.


4- Avoid smoking

Treat varicocele without surgery by avoiding Smoking, so improve the efficiency of the body's circulation, to contain tobacco on chemicals, deposited in the inner walls of the arteries, and as they are clogged, blood flows throughout the body, particularly the genitals.


5- Keep away from fast food

Some doctors advise stay away from fast food because it leads to a higher level of cholesterol by harming the body that hinders blood flow to the arteries.


6- Taking care of vitamin C

The importance of vitamin C not only depends on strengthening immunity, but also helps improve the efficiency of blood vessels, which helps to get rid of testicular varicocele.


7- Varicocele cure exercises

Does exercise help varicocele?! if you are asking about the possibility of treating varicocele without surgery by doing exercises, we can confirm the possibility of this happening, as we treat the testicles by resorting to certain exercises methods and without in any way having to resort to surgical intervention as it would help improve the muscles of the legs.

As a result, the blood will come out and varicocele will be avoided, Bedaya Hospital will mention some varicocele cure exercises as follows:

  • Swimming.
  • Walking.
  • Cycling would also help solve that problem.
  • Practice yoga.


Varicocele impact the fertility of man?

Women ask their doctor can I get pregnant if my husband have varicocele?! and does varicocele cause infertility? The most fallacy associated with testicular functions, namely the association between varicocele and causing them to infertile the man, which is obverse to the truth, varicocele may affect the nature of the sperm, its shape, the nature of its movement, and sperm’s fluid, generally affect one of the most important elements of fertility, but it is not a cause of infertility of the man, it has methods of treatment, it may become a cause of delayed reproduction, not in infertility itself. That is, a man with varicocele can have a baby.


Can varicocele be cured completely?

The man who have obvious signs, while trials indicate that most varicocele patients do not notice their symptoms, and others do not suffer symptoms in the first place, because some cases do not notice the beginning signs, such as pain or change in the size of the testicle. Some men can respond to treatment, rarely in cases that do not suffer from a strong degree of varicocele, and the sperm may improve with treatment so that the sperm can fertilize the egg and the wife becomes pregnant.

Varicocele can be cured completely by the result of semen after surgery, and the result does not improve until after more than 3 months, waiting for the result of surgery and the improvement of the fluid is not done until at least 3 months later, which is the period that the liquid needs to improve gradually, and for the testicles to produce a good liquid.

Treatment Plans


  • Hermonals tests
  • Medical ovulation follow ups
  • 4D ultrasound
  • Hysteroscopy
  • Semen analysis
  • ٍSperm freezing
  • ِِAnathesia consultaion
  • Sexual health consultation
  • Nutirtion consultation

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