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2024-02-18 Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Treatment

What is Polycystic Ovary Syndrome? What is Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Treatment? Can PCOS come back after treatment? All these questions

2024-01-22 How to Treat Endometriosis?

Bedaya Hospital recognizes the importance of women, especially the health problems that affect women all over the world, Bedaya knows how th

2023-03-03 Can I get pregnant with hormonal imbalance?

Hormonal imbalance or hormone disorders in women is a problem caused due to the lack or increase of certain hormones, which may have harmful

2023-03-03 Tubal ligation procedure: side effects, and pregnancy

Tubal ligation is a procedure where the fallopian tubes are disconnected from the uterus. How is it done? Is it safe? And when is it conside

2023-03-03 Best IVF hospital in Egypt

Infertility and reproductive issues can be very frustrating and put strain on the couple’s relationship and psychological state. There

2023-03-03 Ectopic pregnancy - Can an ectopic pregnancy be saved?

An Ectopic pregnancy is a traumatic experience for women. Usually within days or weeks from the happy news that she is becoming a mother she

2023-03-03 Most common pregnancy symptoms

Pregnancy symptoms are divided into 3 stages each one called a trimester; each stage is approximately more than 13 weeks. Every trimester ha

2023-03-03 Thalassemia (Mediterranean anemia): Causes, and treatment

Thalassemia is a blood disorder that leads to a decrease of hemoglobin production. Our bodies need hemoglobin because it helps red blood cel

2023-03-03 Gender selection steps and success rates in Egypt

Gender selection or sex selection is one of the options made available by technological developments in the field of In Vitro fertilization

2023-03-03 Progesterone hormone function

Progesterone Hormone plays a major role in women who want to get pregnant! It helps the uterus prepare for and maintain pregnancy. Progester

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This case is related to man infertility in which the lack of sperm or the small amount of it can cause infertility and pregnancy delays. This kind of issue is treated by testicular biopsy technique which is very effective. The Libyan citizen Abd El-Qader struggled with such an issue, but he and his 37 years old wife Nageih never gave up and decided after 5 years of no pregnancy to go for ICSI procedure at Bedaya hospital which was very successful.