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Impotence Treatment

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Impotence Treatment
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Impotence treatment is one of the most searched for terms on our website and our specialized andrology clinics consult many couples where male impotence causes frustration and stress in the relationship.


Erectile dysfunction is divided into several forms according to their duration and severity.

  • Not being able to maintain an erection long enough for satisfying intercourse between the two partners in all its degrees is often called erectile dysfunction.
  • Not being able to have an erection at all is also a type of erectile dysfunction that in layman’s terms is often called impotence.


The impact of male impotence

Male erectile dysfunction in all its forms but especially male impotence affects the male partner’s self-confidence and can throw a man in a vicious cycle of fearing not having an erection, so he doesn’t etc.

Male impotence can be related to organic and/or psychological factors. There are many remedies, medication and cognitive treatments to improve or treat erectile dysfunction or impotency. New due to the progress of medicine in the field om male infertility are minor surgeries and techniques to treat impotence faster and more effectively.


Male impotence

To understand male impotence, we need to understand how a male erection comes to happen. Sexual stimulation (visually, by touch or sound) sends messages to the brain which in return sends impulses to local nerves to have the corpora cavernosa muscles relax and blood to flow in the corpora freely creating pressure which causes growth in length and girth, this is an erection. Penile size can grow to 11-17 cm in length during an erection from an original length of 6-11 cm in flaccid state.
A defect in the process of these impulses, nerve, blood vessels, and organic damage all can lead to different degrees of erectile dysfunction or complete impotency. Stress is an important factor that can lead to less frequent or less hard erections if 70% of attempts to sexual intercourse fail its advised to seek medical advice from a professional.

Many men evaluate their sexual performance and penis size based on misconceptions taken from several media channels. Erectile dysfunction or impotency should therefore only be diagnosed by an andrologist or urologist.


Causes of impotence

Experiencing Impotence can occur due to variable factors separately or simultaneously:

  • Aging is one of the most common causes of impotence. Most men after the age of 40 show symptoms of slowly declining libido.
  • Chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, liver and/or kidney function impairment all negatively affect the vascular system which is important for a good erection.
  • Depression, especially if the patient is taking antidepressants or other psychological issues and stress can impair libido and the strength and duration of erections.
  • decrease libido, erection strength and duration.
  • Previous trauma or surgeries in the groin area
  • Excessive smoking and drinking have a substantial impact on the sexual health of both men and women.


Impotence treatment

Traditionally male impotence is treated by taking oral medications that enhance the blood flow to the penis during sexual arousal. One of these prescription medications is sildenafil (Viagra), unfortunately, this type of medication is contraindicated in cases of diabetes, high blood pressure and cardiovascular issues which is where erectile dysfunction complaints usually occur in the course of the disease.

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) injections and hyaluronic acid injections were invented to treat erectile dysfunction, impotency and premature ejaculation. These treatments are available at Bedaya Hospital and our doctors would be more than happy to discuss the options of using these with you. If these treatments do not give the desired effect, we also offer several surgical interventions like placing a penile stent, we at Bedaya Hospital do these surgeries with an array of different stents rigid, semi-rigid and inflatable to reach the desired end effect. Your doctor will decide upon your complaints and general health situation which is most suitable for you.


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