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Penile Stent

Penile Stent

One of the foundations of the treatment of sexual weakness is the treatment of its original causes and there are many medications to strengthen erection and strengthen sexual desire. If erectile dysfunction(ED) medications fail, the penis brace surgery comes, it has many names such as an erection stent, male stent or penile stent.


What is penile stent ?

Penile stent can help men to avoid erectile dysfunction, and Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is a health condition that is widespread among men around the world, and the surgery of the penis stent treats it.


Uses of penile stent

Penile stent surgery is a process that helps men with erectile dysfunction who have not responded to other types of treatments, including placing an artificial device inside the penis, which helps this device to achieve erection and restore sexual function.


The benefits of penile stents

The success rate of penis stent exceeds 97% with the scientific progress in the various techniques of implanting the penis brace.

  • The surgery of the penile stent does not change any of the characteristics of the penile itself in terms of general shape, sensation and pleasure, as surgery does not replace normal tissues but adds extreme rigidity when necessary.
  • Inside the penis are two cylinders, the cavernous bodies, filled with blood to cause erection and stiffness. Otherwise, there is another cylinder, the urethra, and there are nerves and arteries that run on the back of the cavernous bodies and then cover the skin of the penis all this. The sexual sensation and pleasure of the man comes from the nerves that run on the back of the cavernous bodies. Ejaculation is from the urethra, which runs parallel to the cavernous bodies. Hardness is the responsibility of the cavernous bodies with their blood vessels. In the event of severe erectile dysfunction, the defect, whatever the cause, affects the blood of the cavernous bodies. Here comes the role of the penis stent, where the cavernous cylinders or cavernous bodies are filled with the stent.
  • The implantation of the penis pillar is performed in a short period of time compared to other operations about 20 minutes to an hour maximum.


Time needs to stay in hospital

- The patient may then go out the same day may need to be under observation for one night and out the next day.

-The success rate of the penis brace operation is very high if the operation is performed by a doctor who is expert in this type of operation and several points have been taken such as:

- Sterilization in a proper manner to prevent any infection, choose the appropriate stent size and take all necessary precautions.

- Global statistics report high and high levels of healing and satisfaction for penis brace surgeries.


Types of penile stent

types of penile stent

The stents of the penis are divided into two main sections:


1- Solid stent

Also called a flexible stent or bendable stent, two bending metal cylinders, each of which is covered with medical silicon, the penis emerges forward only in the case of a marital relationship.

In the case of marital relationship, the man uses his hand for two seconds to put the solid stent in the case of erection and then raises his hand so the penis remains erect for any period and can practice intercourse with the stent of the penis for any number of times and can ejaculate and perform its full functions unless there is another disease that has affected it.

After the intercourse, the man uses his hand to bend the solid penis brace down or up so that it does not stand out forward, so he can wear his clothes without appearing to have a prominent erection forward.


2- Hydraulic stent

Also called an inflatable stent or pump stent, it is the most widespread in the Western world and is also preferred by many in the Arab world.

The hydraulic penis stent excels as it relaxes completely when not in use.

When one wishes to have intercourse, he compresses a certain part of the hydraulic stent called the pump and this pump for the hydraulic organ stent is hidden inside a body in the scrotum, and by pressing that pump the penis is fully erect and still erect for any period of time the man is shaking, and then by pressing a part of the pump that relaxes the entire penis.


Penile stents disadvantages

What we mentioned earlier is that the implantation of the penis brace like other surgical procedures, so if the operation is performed properly does not result in any complications, but there are some patients may suffer some mild drawbacks that may disappear within 10 days or a month at the latest such as:

  • Mild pain in the penis or burning of urine due to the installation of a catheter during the surgery leading to the agitation of the prostate and therefore difficulty in urinating, or the reason may be the burning of urine is due to the swelling of some tissues in the urethra after the operation and to avoid this the patient's medications are dispensed before the operation.
  • The most famous complaint that comes from most patients about complications of the operation is delayed ejaculation, some patients who were suffering from premature ejaculation were happy with this result and were expected that the stent is a treatment for premature ejaculation but in fact delayed ejaculation is a complication of the stent only, patients who had normal ejaculation after the transplant of the stent take longer.