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IVF in Egypt

Author : Doctor Mona Shabaan

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IVF in Egypt
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IVF in Egypt has developed over the past 2 decades! Egypt now has many internationally renowned centers with fertilization, cleavage and pregnancy rates equal to those in the United States and Europe. Bedaya Hospital is very proud to be one of these centers. IVF is usually a decision made after a couple has been suffering from infertility for quite some time, done multiple tests and tried several approaches. Bedaya Hospital has a multidisciplinary team that will tailor you a personal approach for the IVF process and tackle down any possible factors that could decrease your chances.


IVF procedure

During a procedure of IVF, the oocytes (eggs) and the partners processed semen sample are put in a test tube under optimal conditions to allow natural fertilization. The embryos that come out of this are transferred back in the female uterus.


Difference between IVF and ICSI

The first successful IVF trial was done in 1977 and resulted in the birth of Louisa Brown on the 25th of July in 1978. The first successful ICSI trial was in 1990 but the first delivery after an ICSI cycle wasn’t till 1992.

The process of IVF and ICSI are entirely the same until after the oocyte retrieval. After the retrieval the oocytes are put in test tubes with processed semen to allow natural fertilization in IVF where in ICSI each cell is injected with a single sperm cell under a special microscope. In both cases formed embryos are then put into incubators and their development closely monitored for 3-5 days until they are ready for transfer.



Egypt counts about 145 centers where IVF procedures are done. Bedaya Hospital is considered to be one of the best, leading in; success rates, amount of research done, the expertise of staff members in different fields of infertility, its state of the art equipment and its international collaborations to make sure we always stay up to date on how to improve and expand our services. Our success rates are around 60%! Our tailored multidisciplinary approach where we work systematically to thoroughly diagnose and identify the variable aspects that need improvement for each couple to maximize their pregnancy chances have proved successful!


Success of IVF in Egypt

The success rates of IVF in Egypt are comparable with success rates in some of the biggest centers in the United States and Europe with pregnancy rates ranging between 50% to 60%.This percentage might not mean much to many of you but when you realize that every month in a healthy couple that has regular intercourse the pregnancy chances are just 20 percent! You will understand the incredible pride we hold in our team!

IVF is often a good solution for people suffering from the following.

  • Blocked fallopian tubes in women
  • Low sperm count or poor motility.
  • Poor sperm quality.
  • Fertilization problems mainly sperm cells inability to penetrate the oocytes (eggs).
  • Azoospermia (no sperm cells in ejected semen)
  • Erection or problems in sexual intercourse.


Facts about IVF in Egypt

Several facts about IVF in Egypt for anyone considering taking the step;


1- Knowing the result

Pregnancy results are not immediately known on the day of embryo transfer. A pregnancy test taken 14 days after the embryo transfer will determine if your IVF cycle was successful or not.


2- The success rates of the operation

The success rates of IVF at Bedaya Hospital range between 50 to 60% depending on the reasons of infertility and the maternal age at the time of ovum pickup.


3- Embryo Freezing

If more embryos have developed than we need for transfer, the remaining embryos can be safely frozen and kept for transfer in the future. The risk of losing embryos in the freezing and thawing process is only about 1-2%


4-Genetic diseases

Bedaya Hospital is a renowned center for Genetic testing. We have a vast number of different genetic tests for most genetic inherited diseases. These tests are done on the embryos before they are transferred back to the uterus to make sure the pregnancy that occurs after the IVF trial is free from the tested diseases.


5- Gender selection

After the ovum pickup a gender selection (sex selection) test could be performed on all embryos so only the embryos of the desired gender are transferred back to the uterus.


6- The possibility of conceiving twins

The possibility of pregnancies occurring with multiple embryos is slightly higher in IVF since we usually transfer multiple embryos to improve the chances of the IVF trial resulting in pregnancy.

The number of transferred embryos depends on the number of available embryos, their quality, the mother’s medical history.


7- Delivery after IVF

Babies conceived through IVF do not necessarily have to come into this world through a cesarean section. IVF pregnancies are equal to normal pregnancies apart from how conception took place. The decision on normal vaginal delivery versus a cesarean section depend on your OBGYN doctor’s judgement and maternal condition during pregnancy and at time of birth.


8- IVF costs in Egypt

The rise of IVF in Egypt has helped many couples realize their dream of starting a family after all hope was gone! Egypt offers the best services and results for very competitive prices! Bedaya Hospital offers best value for money packages offering best IVF cost in Egypt. That is why Bedaya Hospital has become a hub for fertility services in Africa and the Middle East.

Treatment Plans
ICSI with PGT -A tests Treatment Plan


  • Preparing before the process
  • Ovum pick-up
  • ICSI process
  • Preparing before the transferring process
  • PGT- A tests for 6 Embryos
  • Embryo transferring


The Sudanians couples Mohamed and his wife Makarim are 33 and 24 years old. They were trying to have a baby for 7 years, but there were no pregnancy results. They finally decided to come to Bedaya hospital and see a consultant doctor. Makarim was diagnosed with Fallopian tubes obstruction which was the reason behind all these years of pregnancy delay. Our doctors advised them to have ICSI fertility treatment which was so successful and led to twin pregnancy in 2011.

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