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Best IVF hospital in Egypt

Author : Doctor Monique Magdy

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Best IVF hospital in Egypt
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Infertility and reproductive issues can be very frustrating and put strain on the couple’s relationship and psychological state. There have been many leaps in reproductive health in the last decades. Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) like IUI, IVF and ICSI have given hope to cases that before were deemed hopeless! Bedaya is the best IVF hospital in Egypt. It has developed several tailored protocols to guarantee best results. Its multidisciplinary approach to diagnose and solve every possible problem on both the male and female side has proven beneficial and improved success rates and patient satisfaction. Bedaya Hospital also offers best value for money in all provided services, offering the most competitive costs of IVF in Egypt


Importance of IVF

Scientific progress especially in the field of reproductive health has improved the success rates of ART and IVF has become a solution for patients with reproductive problems. Bedaya Hospital offers the best quality of reproductive health care in Egypt and the Middle East against very competitive prices.


Why Bedaya Hospital?

It is the first multi-disciplinary reproductive health hospital in the Middle East and the best IVF center in Egypt. Whatever the problem is Bedaya’s medical team lead by Dr Ismail, Aboul Fotouh is dedicated to thoroughly investigate, diagnose and treat any possible factor/s standing in the way of your dream to become a parent.

Bedaya Hospital’s success rates both nationally and internationally speak for themselves!


Recent Achievements

Bedaya Recently joined Cleopatra Hospital Group and with that became the largest infertility center both in number of beds and branches in Egypt. Our IVF clinic does the most cycles of ART in the Middle East and Africa with the highest success rates in the Middle East. Apart from this it holds an ISO International Quality Certificate.

Our successful team of leading specialists in OBGYN, andrology, embryology, geneticists, nutritionists, psychologists and recurrent abortion clinic all work together to give you the best care and fertility rates.


Why Bedaya is the best IVF Hospital in Egypt?

We have an extraordinary medical and research team that is not just qualified and has years of expertise in the field of infertility but has passion and made it their life’s purpose to draw a smile on your face. Bedaya Hospital also provides a comfortable hospitable environment where you will feel at home as soon as you enter our doors, from our receptionists to our coordinators and housekeeping staff your every need will be tended to. Going to a doctor or hospital is never a pleasant experience but at Bedaya Hospital we assure you this will be different you will get the best possible reproductive healthcare at a five-star hotel experience it’s what makes us the best IVF hospital in Egypt.


Embryology laboratory

One of the most important success factors in reproductive health medicine especially when it comes to procedures like IVF/ICSI is the existence of a prepared embryology lab. It is of importance that this lab is not only equipped by the newest technologies, microscopes and incubators but has staff with the expertise and dedication to stay on top of developments and research to always offer you the best results! Our continuous training, dedication and research makes us the best IVF Hospital in Egypt.


Genetic Testing

Bedaya’s Team believes in the urgency to continuously invest in the latest technologies to provide the highest level of medical services, it has therefor been one of our objectives to set up a team of geneticists and embryologists that can do pre-implantation genetic diagnosis. This means that embryos obtained through an IVF/ICSI cycle are submit to genetic testing before being transferred back to the womb. Pre-implantation genetic testing makes it possible to detect an array of hereditary diseases that might affect a family’s offspring, spontaneous mutations, translocations and altered number of chromosomes This technique improves the chances of a full-term pregnancy and the delivery of a healthy baby.


Gender Selection

The massive progress not only in reproductive medicine but also in the field of genetics has made it possible not only to screen for many diseases on the embryos obtained from an IVF or ICSI cycle so you can make sure you only transfer the disease-free ones it has also made it possible for you to choose the gender of the transferred embryos.

Gender Selection or a many people like to call it “Sex Selection” is a service Bedaya Hospital offers, it can help a couple that might have hereditary sex-linked diseases or a family that desires to do family balancing. Gender selection also works as a form of contraception in many cultures where societal pressure, expectation and financial matters might push a couple to keep trying until a male offspring is born.

Bedaya Hospital provides the service of Gender Selection (PGS) through microscopic injection with the latest techniques this to assure you the best results. Bedaya Hospital is internationally renowned for it having the best Gender Selection results.

Treatment Plans
ICSI Treatment Plan for Abortion


  • Consultation at abortion clinic
  • Andrology consultation
  • Sonar
  • Hormones tests
  • DNA fragmentation test
  • Semen analysis
  • Sperm freezing
  • Preparing before the process
  • Ovum pick-up
  • ICSI process
  • Assisted hatching
  • Preparing before the transferring process
  • Embryo transferring

This story tells how distinguished we are from others and testifies that our expertise exceeds all in the field of ICSI specifically. Let's listen to one of our patients, Dr. Atef, and his journey with ICSI procedures.

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