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Bedaya Hospitals is where your family story begins...

Since 1998, the fertility hospital has been a pioneer in
fertility treatments and genetics care helping
thousands of eager parents achieve their family goals.


Bedaya Hospital for over 25 years has established itself as one of the top facilities providing fertility treatments and genetic care helping thousands of eager parents achieve their family goals.

In the fast-evolving field of infertility, Bedaya Hospital has been a major player in doing groundbreaking research and implementing the newest techniques to provide its patients with the best tailored results for each case. Bedaya Hospital provides a vast variety of services such as ICSI, IUI, IVF, PGD, gender selection, sperm, ova, and embryo freezing. We also have a topnotch operative and diagnostic unit for Testicular biopsies, and Hysteroscopic and laparoscopic surgeries.

about us

Your service is our responsibility, we share the same dream. 

latest technologies

Latest technologies

We are using the latest technology in our embryology labs to guarantee a high percentage of pregnancy results. Assisted reproductive technology always has updates and new techniques, but our team search and participate in educational courses. Our labs have the latest equipments, hi-tech microscopes, and incubators that help us do IVF, IUI, PGD, and ICSI professionally.


Great hospitality

Our hospitality is not only in warm smiles and nice greetings. We have people that actually care for you, they seek to achieve your dream every day because that’s their dream as well. Our doctors, nurses, and every single worker in Bedaya hospital is doing the best to feel comfortable and welcomed once you step into our doors. The challenges that our doctors facing are countless, and require them a lot of effort. But that’s all fade away once they see you happy and satisfied. That’s what our hospitality is like.

success rates

Success rates

Success rates are affected by many elements. Some of them are the woman's age, the quality of embryos, and whether she was pregnant before or not. The most important predictor of success is the medical team you work with. It depends on the patient track record, experts of our doctors, and the technology used in our labs. More than 60% of our IVF procedures are successful, and that’s can be attributed to the well-trained clinical staff and their experiences..

quality control

Quality Control

We aim to serve every single one who suffers and not be able to have children with high-quality medical care and efficient serves.  We are trying to develop our team and keep them updated with anything new in the field of fertility treatments and cures to ensure you the best solution and exceed your expectations. Also, we are focusing on the quality we are giving and making sure it is recognizable to national health care standards.  

chairman of bedaya hospital

“My vision of founding a high standard fertility center began years ago. I had the dream of creating a world-class hospital for infertility treatments that covers up all the latest technologies and facilities in this medical field. We wanted to give families new hope and effective solutions, and this motivated us to establish Bedaya hospital which now stands as one of the leading fertility specialized hospitals in Egypt and the Middle East with high quality and affordable services.

We have begun as a center called Egypt international fertility, and now we have developed into Bedaya hospital. I am beyond thankful and proud of my team who worked with me through this difficult yet wonderful journey and made this dream come true.”


Chairman of Bedaya Hospital

Prof. Ismail Aboul Foutouh

At Bedaya we always expect maximum success rate

Semen analysis

Sperm count test or semen analysis shows the health, shape, the number, and the movement of male sperms. It is a test for the man’s fertility if the couples are doubting problems. This analysis also determines if you have low sperm numbers or dysfunction.

Egg freezing

Women who are choosing to delay motherhood or those who are exposed to diseases that can affect their fertility, egg freezing can be helpful for them.  Women should be aware that fertility declines with age and to store your eggs for later use, you will go through three stages of treatments.

Embryo freezing

Embryo freezing process is fertilizing eggs with sperms using ICSI to developed into an embryo. The Embryo created from the healthy and young egg is being frozen at a very low temperature for later use.


We provide in our labs the medical technique of Laser Assisted Hatching of verified embryos. This technique helps in succeeding in the implantation of the embryo in woman’s utters, and it is highly recommended if you are doing Embryo freezing.