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Gender selection steps and success rates in Egypt

Author : Doctor Mona Shabaan

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Gender selection steps and success rates in Egypt
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Gender selection or sex selection is one of the options made available by technological developments in the field of In Vitro fertilization (IVF). It helps couples know the gender of their embryo before pregnancy even occurs. Sex selection is an additional technique after doing an IVF or ICSI cycle to determine the sex of each of the formed embryos. The embryos of the chosen sex are then returned to the uterus


What is gender Selection?

Gender selection or a Sex selection procedure is a technique used to determine the gender of the embryos obtained through an IVF or ICSI cycle and returning only those with the required sex to the female’s uterus.

This process is based on the selection of embryos after examining the 23rd chromosome of each embryo to know if it holds XX Female or XY male sex chromosomes.

The sex of the baby is determined by Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis PGD before transferring it to the mother's uterus.

PGD can also give us information about other chromosomal abnormalities not just chromosome 23.


Gender selection steps

Gender Selection through PGD gives a 100% result that you are pregnant with the chosen sex if pregnancy occurs. However, your chances for pregnancy are the same as in a normal IVF or ICSI cycle depending on age and the state of your reproductive health.

The steps of IVF/ICSI followed by gender selection on the embryos are carried out through several steps:

  • Subscribing drugs that induce ovulation to increase the number of maturing oocytes (eggs) and so hopefully increase our number of embryos.
  • Aspirate the eggs through an ultrasound guided needle that enters through the vaginal wall. Microscopically fertilize the eggs with the male partners’ semen on the same day.
  • The embryos are put in special incubators until each embryo reaches 6 to 8 cells.
  • Take a cell sample from each embryo, this sample is used to run PGD tests on and determine which embryos have which sex
  • The embryos with the required sex are transferred to the uterus
  • The female patient is prescribed medication for 14 days to optimize intrauterine conditions for implantation.
  • The Pregnancy test is done 14 days after the embryo transfer.


How does Gender selection work under normal circumstances?

Under normal circumstances a couple has a 50/50 chance of becoming pregnant with either a boy or a girl, the sperm cell (containing either another X for female sex or Y for male sex) that reaches the oocyte first determines whether the fertilized egg becomes a boy or a girl.


Why couples resort to sex selection?

Some couples resort to the process of gender selection in order to choose the sex of their next offspring for reasons of family balancing or to prevent having offspring with possible sex-linked genetic diseases that occur in the family.


Gender selection success rates in Egypt

Gender selection rates in Egypt are almost equal to those seen abroad. Bedaya Hospital has rates that are even slightly higher! We have seen many patients from neighboring African and Arab countries come to us for sex selection.

Our higher success rates in the field of Gender selection or more commonly used term sex selection are due to our excellent laboratory which has higher pregnancy rates for ICSI and IVF procedures than any other center in the Middle East and Africa.

Bedaya Hospital spares no expense where it comes to our laboratory where all magic happens! We have top of the line equipment from microscopes to incubators topped by a team of the best embryologists internationally!

This resonates in us having a reputation that goes far beyond our borders for being the best in sex selection! Our Gender selection success rates are equal if not better than international success rates.

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  • Semen analysis
  • Sperm freezing
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