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Semen Analysis

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Semen Analysis
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Semen is a thick liquid that comes from a man while ejaculating and holds the sperm that is supposed to be fertilizing an egg and creating an embryo. The semen provides a suitable environment with a certain PH balance to keep sperm alive until they make it to the egg in the womb. Sperm analysis should show the count of sperms, their shape, and their movement. It is also called the men's fertility test for detecting any semen issues that cause male infertility.


Semen Analysis

Some couples are having trouble getting pregnant and the test that your doctor will ask for is Semen Analysis to check that infertility is not related to semen production. as the wife goes through different tests, the man will be asked for a semen test.


Sperm analysis report

Your analysis report will show results of:

  • Ph balance: which is necessary for keeping sperms alive and it should be between 7-8. A very low or high ph level means that your sperm may not be moving normally, or may die during its journey to fertilize an egg In the womb.
  • Sperm concentration: which means how many sperms do you have? Normal semen analysis should be 15 million sperms count and if your test is showing less, then something is wrong. It could be a sign of penis inflammation.
  • Sperm motility: which means the normality of sperm movement. More than 60% of sperm should be active to consider normal sperm motility.
  • Sperm morphology: which is the shape of the sperms. Some sperms have two heads or rounded heads instead of an oval one. These shapes are considered distorted. 70% of the sperms should have the right morphology to consider normal semen analysis.
  • The volume of the given semen is a very important factor. If it’s lesser than 1.5 millimeters, then there might be a problem with your prostate or your vesicles are not allowing sperm to be expelled properly.


Why should you do sperm analysis?

Your doctor will ask you to do sperm analysis if:

  • You want to make sure that you are infertility-free, and your semen is healthy.
  • You had a vasectomy and the doctor wants to make sure it had succeeded.
  • You just want to check up and be assured that everything is ok.


How semen test is done?

When providing a semen test sample, your doctor will ask you to give the sample in a sanitized lap cup. Giving a sample will be at:

  • A special room at the hospital or doctor’s office where you will be ejaculating and collecting the sample.
  • Your home, but must deliver the sample to the lab before one hour and must keep it at a certain temperature.
  • You can collect the sample home during sex in a special condom that your doctor will provide you. Do not use any lubricants, they can affect sperms motility.


Semen analysis preparation

Semen analysis preparation will  include:

  • Your doctor will ask you to cut off caffeine and alcohol a week before the analysis.
  • You will be asked not to have sex r masturbate 2-5 days before the analysis to make sure we having high a semen volume and sperm amount as possible.
  • You should not avoid ejaculating for more than 2 weeks. It can affect sperm activity.
  • You should tell your doctor about the medication you are having. It may be affecting your testosterone levels and need to cut it off before your analysis a couple of days before.
  • Smoking and especially marijuana affects testosterone levels and keeps them low.
  • If you are taking anabolic steroids, you should stop taking them for affecting your sperm production.

Your doctor may not be satisfied with the first sample or the sperm analysis report is not showing clear results. So, you will have to give another sample after 2-3 weeks of the first analysis.

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