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Sexual Health Clinic

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Sexual Health Clinic
Bedaya Hospitals
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To optimize our patient’s wellbeing Bedaya Hospital offers a new service within its premises;
The Sexual Health Clinic.


Our ideology for the Sexual Health Clinic

The initial idea to setup this clinic came to us when we encountered difficulties in helping people that came to our clinics seeking help from our gynecologists or andrologists for sexual issues but had no underlying anatomical or medical conditions.
At our Sexual Health Clinic anyone that walks through our door is a client rather than a patient because overmedicalizing sex or having misconceptions about sex or what it should be is usually the core of many sex related problems within relationships. Difficulties with or concerns about sex are completely normal 35 to 40 percent of people experience sexual problems at some point during their lives and it is important to be aware of because often its impact on your relationship and other aspects of your life is underestimated.


We do not talk about sex EVER!

It has always been a taboo to talk about topics concerning sexual matters, preferences, orientation, differences in libido between partners, negative past experiences, concerns etc. but luckily a global realization that we all do it and we all have the right to enjoy it has been emerging.
Social unwritten rules have been quietly passed on for generations making it very difficult for couples to change their personal sexual scripts (a repetitive sexual pattern) resulting in unsatisfactory sex-lives. The sexual health clinic will help you break these boundaries and teach you simple communicating tools and skills to break through this cycle and rewrite a healthier, happier personal sexual script that works for both partners.


Sexual Health therapy for couple’s

Bedaya Hospital’s sexual health clinic will tailor a customized positive progression plan for each couple’s needs so that the sexual experience can be as positive as possible for both parties. A couple that is guided towards being open to each other’s needs and communicates about their sensual and sexual relationship statistically has better odds at surviving than couples that do not.


Infertility and Sexuality

Couples having difficulties conceiving usually experience a dramatic change in their personal sexual script, it changes from a fun interaction where both partners can release tension to a stressful, calculated encounter. If these difficulties eventually lead to couples having to undergo ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) like IUI (Intra-Uterine Insemination), IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) or ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection), the sexual script is medicalized. Sexual encounters are turned into a transcript of medical appointments, injections, sperm cups, procedures, waiting and stress. Eighty percent of infertility patients experience difficulties going back to their sexual script prior to the point of seeking help for infertility issues. The sense of sensuality is often gone. Bedaya Hospital has amongst its team double certified sexologists/physicians with over a decade of experience in the field of infertility that can bring couples back from the path of “sexual medicalization”


Premarital Sexual Health counseling

Our Sexual Health Clinic also offers premarital sexual counselling for couples that are about to take the big jump to clear the air as a matter of speaking. What are the expectations they both have, are they aligned, are they completely different? How do you deal with differences?
Fear of pain, fear of not knowing what to do, fear of not enjoying it, fear of disappointment are all topics that will be managed during the premarital sessions so that the couple can start of their new life on a better note.


Teenage, adolescents and young adults’ sexual health guidance

The evolvement on transparency and exposure to sensuality and sexuality have open doors to subjects and a way of life that are untraditional in Middle Eastern culture such issues may raise questions and confusion or cause fear and insecurity especially under teenagers and young adults. Our sexual health clinic offers the expertise to guide and offer help with such sensitive topics of self-search and exploration.


Sexuality and getting older do they exclude one another?

Ageing people in the media are more often than not associated with chronic diseases, ailments, stiff joints and loneliness not an image that sparks sensuality and sexuality! We at Bedaya’s sexual Health Clinic believe nothing is further from the truth! Feeling sensual and being sexual are not just for the young and healthy! We can help couples rediscover themselves and each other rewriting a new sexual script that is compatible and satisfying for their changing bodies and new situation. The media promotes all these procedures, vitamins and supplements to keep you younger, active and healthier for longer often forgetting to shed light on one of the aspects that people use to find comfort and connection with one another. Bedaya’s sexual health clinic has the professionals that will restore your self-confidence and connection with your partner even if it different than before! It is all about breaking mental barriers and rewriting physical patterns.


We offer discretion and complete confidentiality

We do not underestimate the fact that talking about these private matters can be exposing and extremely difficult therefore Bedaya offers both online as face-to-face sessions in an intimate, confidential setting for your utmost comfort.

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