Terms & Conditions


Please read the following terms and conditions carefully each time you visit the hospital or make a reservation to be aware of Bedaya hospital policy and privacy terms. The terms and conditions may change from time to time.

Reservation methods:

Online reservation

Phone reservation

Payment methods:

Online payment

We are making your payment easy and as flexible as possible. Bedaya hospital is offering free, secure, and convenient online payment that allows you to make online payment 24 hours a day\ 7 days a week, view full payment statements on your profile, and choose your preferred method of online payment whether it is by visa or pay pal.

You can follow the steps on our website to pay with your visa card or pay pal. All of your credit card information are highly secured and not accessible to anyone.


Cash upon arrival

The second payment method is paying upon arrival. Once you arrive at the hospital you can pay cash while reserving and fill in all the required information.


Privacy policy:

During your online reservation, you enter your personal data or while visiting the hospital for the first time, you fill in the reservation papers and write down general information about your case, medical situation, and personal requirements. We at Bedaya hospital take the privacy of our patients very seriously and secure your personal data by not being accessible to anyone but our reservation team who should be contacting you often to inform you with any updates and reply to your messages.


Cancelation and refund policy:

If you faced any problem or wanted to cancel your reservation for any kind of reason, all you have to do is contacting customer services\ PR office to explain to them your reasons for cancelation, and if they can help you solve your issue.

There will be no problem if you want to cancel your reservation, appointment. etc., and you can refund your fee back taken from its hospital management fees.